Building a waterfall (indoor fountain) – Part 1

23. Juni 2014 at 22:05 in Fairy Garden, Landscape

waterfall-indoor-fountain1I want some real water in my fairy garden. Unfortunately I didn’t find an indoor fountain that I liked, so I decided to build one on my own.

I used aluminum foil to make a slightly mountain-shaped .. thing. Then I covered it with cheap air-dry modelling clay (Creall Do & Dry – which was really nice to work with, by the way). Since I needed about one pound of it, my normal fimo would have been much too expensive o.O

I tried to build a small basin on top for the water to collect and made an indentation at one side so it will (hopefully) fall down as a nice waterfall. I also made a small cave behind the waterfall – I always liked those, it feels great to stand behind the water :)

There’s a path leading to a small platform next to the waterfall – to make it easier for my fairies to climb the mountain and enjoy the view ;)

Yeah, I know, it doesn’t look like much yet. But I hope that will change with some coats of paint. And maybe some cement / compound stuff, cause I have no clue if the modelling clay can handle water… I will assume it doesn’t and proceed accordingly ;)

I will also need a lake to hold the water (and the pump). I’m thinking of a swimming lake / lagoon type of thing for my fairies. But I’ll worry about that when the mountain looks OK and the waterfall works right^^


waterfall-indoor-fountain2 waterfall-indoor-fountain3