Little House – exterior decoration

3. Mai 2014 at 23:08 in Buildings, Fairy Garden

house-frontYes, it looks better WITH a door ;) .. I added some plants to the walls. Unfortunately the 6mm-leaves are still way too big for this design *sigh* .. I might need to make my first cane to get them smaller. I’ve tried making canes before but it was always a big mess. Well, I have to learn it anyway ..

I also added a floor so I can place some furniture inside. And again, bad luck – it kind of .. “arched up” while it was in the oven, so the floor is very uneven now. But I might be able to placa a bed and a cupboard along the sides, we’ll see.

But other than that, for the first try, I think it turned out kind of cute^^ .. and besides, it’s not meant to be looked at as close as I take the pictures ;)