Meet the girls

29. April 2014 at 23:58 in Fairies, Fairy Garden
My first fairy girls

My first fairy girls

Here they are – my first bunch of fairy girls!

They are not perfect, and I missed my goal of “one-inch-fairies” by about 3 Millimeters, but hey, I still love them :)

I made those prototypes to test skin and hair colors, and to see what I can do with those tiny arms (Answer: Unfortunately not very much). They come with a small, removable grass base, because they can’t stand on their own. Since they are built on a fixing pin, you can place them by punching them in the dirt wherever you want. If that’s not enough, you can just bury the whole base for more stability.

I left those dark corners in the photo at the bottom so you can see the texture of the wings on the outer fairies.