Oh my, you forgot the door!

2. Mai 2014 at 0:01 in Buildings, Fairy Garden

smallhouseWell, no, I didn’t forget the door. I thought it might be easier to attach the door after building the house. We will see if I was right or wrong ;)

It’s just the basic structure, and it already took me a lot of time to make all the bricks *sigh* .. I think I might try a different approach next time. Maybe make the structure first and then coloring it later.

This house is really small, even for fairy standards. In reality it would be about 3×3,60 meters big (model is 5x6cm), a one room cabin, big enough for a single fairy. But they usually live outdoors anyway, it’s just a place to sleep :)

The next step will be adding the door and the windows, after that I’ll work on the roof. And it needs some decorating. And furniture. Yep, still a lot of work ..