Love is in the air

6. Mai 2014 at 22:22 in Fairies, Fairy Garden, Landscape


Aaaaw .. isn’t he just adorable looking at his girlfriend like that? ;)

… I wanted to sculpt sitting fairies, and I placed them on the benches I made a few days ago, and put some carrageen in between for decoration. I’m quite happy with the result :) .. but I think I need to make the eyes a little smaller .. hmm .. and the soft polymer clay I use is REALLY soft. Those little feet moved around as I was just breathing o.O … Maybe I should switch to the “classic” polymer clay. Or at least buy a small amount to try it out. There’s also a special clay for “miniature dolls” – but that’s more expensive. And I’m spending too much money already^^

Let them eat cake!

4. Mai 2014 at 22:15 in Fairy Garden, Furniture

cakeEven fairies get hungry sometimes, so I made them a cake :) .. still a little too big, but I hope they are VERY hungry ;)

We have chocolate shortcrust with vanilla cream and kiwis, served on tiny little plates, everything made of polymer clay. Now I need to figure out how to make forks in that small size, and I also need a table and chairs ..

Little House – exterior decoration

3. Mai 2014 at 23:08 in Buildings, Fairy Garden

house-frontYes, it looks better WITH a door ;) .. I added some plants to the walls. Unfortunately the 6mm-leaves are still way too big for this design *sigh* .. I might need to make my first cane to get them smaller. I’ve tried making canes before but it was always a big mess. Well, I have to learn it anyway ..

I also added a floor so I can place some furniture inside. And again, bad luck – it kind of .. “arched up” while it was in the oven, so the floor is very uneven now. But I might be able to placa a bed and a cupboard along the sides, we’ll see.

But other than that, for the first try, I think it turned out kind of cute^^ .. and besides, it’s not meant to be looked at as close as I take the pictures ;)


Flower Power

2. Mai 2014 at 23:03 in Fairy Garden, Landscape


I will need flowers for my garden, so I made some using fixing pins and polymer clay :)

They are not really to scale, more the size of big sunflowers, but I’m not able to make 1mm daisies o.O .. oh well, they will look nice when they are planted in the garden. I hope. ^^

Oh my, you forgot the door!

2. Mai 2014 at 0:01 in Buildings, Fairy Garden

smallhouseWell, no, I didn’t forget the door. I thought it might be easier to attach the door after building the house. We will see if I was right or wrong ;)

It’s just the basic structure, and it already took me a lot of time to make all the bricks *sigh* .. I think I might try a different approach next time. Maybe make the structure first and then coloring it later.

This house is really small, even for fairy standards. In reality it would be about 3×3,60 meters big (model is 5x6cm), a one room cabin, big enough for a single fairy. But they usually live outdoors anyway, it’s just a place to sleep :)

The next step will be adding the door and the windows, after that I’ll work on the roof. And it needs some decorating. And furniture. Yep, still a lot of work ..

The friendly wizard

1. Mai 2014 at 0:12 in Figurines, Other Stuff

wizard-frontI made this little guy a while ago, and I’m quite proud of it – it was my first attempt at actually sculpting a face, and I think he turned out really cute :)

He is obviously a lot bigger than the fairies, about 7,5 centimeters tall, and I used black beads for the eyes and a glass marble for his crystal ball.






wizard-back wizard-side

For the king

30. April 2014 at 23:58 in Fairies, Fairy Garden, Playground

bumblebee-leftMy first playground-item :)

Yes, I know, the bee is way too large, but the little fairy doesn’t seem to mind.

It also works quite well, I used a real spring and made the base heavy with some lead beads.  OK, it goes really fast, so in reality she might suffer a whiplash, but we’re creating a magical fairy garden, so that’s OK ;)





bumblebee-back bumblebee-front

Meet the girls

29. April 2014 at 23:58 in Fairies, Fairy Garden
My first fairy girls

My first fairy girls

Here they are – my first bunch of fairy girls!

They are not perfect, and I missed my goal of “one-inch-fairies” by about 3 Millimeters, but hey, I still love them :)

I made those prototypes to test skin and hair colors, and to see what I can do with those tiny arms (Answer: Unfortunately not very much). They come with a small, removable grass base, because they can’t stand on their own. Since they are built on a fixing pin, you can place them by punching them in the dirt wherever you want. If that’s not enough, you can just bury the whole base for more stability.

I left those dark corners in the photo at the bottom so you can see the texture of the wings on the outer fairies.


Hello there

28. April 2014 at 23:32 in Fairy Garden, Other Stuff


Welcome to my new blog!

Well, yeah, it’s completely empty for now, but I promise that’s gonna change ;)

So, if you’d like to see what I do with my fairy garden, please stay tuned^^